Ispitivanje otpornosti prema požaru požarno otpornih klapni


Aleksandar Kijanović Milica Mirković Marjanović Snežana Ilić


Passive fire protection is civil engineering discipline which is very popular for research and development of new construction products and test standards. The primary function of passive fire protection product is to achieve the declared fire resistance. Fire resistance of a construction product is expressed as a time interval (30 min, 60 min, 90 min, 120 min ...) in which certain properties of the tested product are preserved. In the given time intervals, it is necessary for the tested product to maintain the thermal insulation properties (I), integrity (E) and additional properties prescribed by the test standard related to the tested product.  The fire damper represents part of HVAC system installed on walls which are fire resistance barriers [2]. Additional properties related to fire-resistant service installations- fire dampers (hereinafter only fire dampers) are the leakage on the fire damper in the cold state and the leakage of fire damper (S) during the fire test. In order to determine the previous properties, a test installation for fire dampers was formed, which consists of: installed damper in the test wall, duct and pipeline system, system for measuring the volume flow, cooler and a fan. All the obtained results are graphically presented in the paper and serve for the purpose of determining the mentioned fire properties of dampers and for the purpose of fire resistance classification of construction products.


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KIJANOVIĆ, Aleksandar; MIRKOVIĆ MARJANOVIĆ, Milica; ILIĆ, Snežana. Ispitivanje otpornosti prema požaru požarno otpornih klapni. Procesna tehnika, [S.l.], v. 34, n. 1, p. 30-34, dec. 2022. ISSN 2217-2319. Dostupno na: <>. Datum pristupa: 27 sep. 2023 doi:
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